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Established in 1994, Burpengary Chiropractic Centre is committed to helping you achieve total wellbeing.

We relieve pain and discomfort in the safest, most natural way possible.  Burpengary Chiropractic Centre's family chiropractors are here to help relieve pain from spinal related issues with the most modern chiropractic equipment, technology and techniques.

Dr Craig Beattie and Dr Brynyn Thomas believe that compassion and education work together to acheive total recovery for you.  Our practitioners will explain all procedures before starting a treatment so you will feel supported and confident every step of the way.

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What We Do

Our chiropractors apply years of education and experience in family chiropractic care to the expert treatment of conditions ranging from general back pain, whiplash, scoliosis and herniated discs.

We can work with individuals to help them recover from injury and manage chronic conditions.  Chiropractic treatment can help ensure young bodies continue to mature safely and that older bodies maintain maximum mobility for the rest of their lives.

About Us

Dr Craig Beattie and Dr Brynyn Thomas are highly qualified and experienced chiropractors.  We pride ourselves on our reputation as skilled manual adjustors, and our ability to achieve excellent outcomes for our patients.

We understand that no two people are the same, we all have different needs, different lifestyles and different bodies.  At Burpengary Chiroprctic Centre, we always take this into account and diagnose each patient carefully and on a case by case assessment.